Get to Know the Pro: Bill Chesney | EcoPrint Services

What started as a website design and development company called Rough Draft Designs took a turn to the more tactile when Bill Chesney moved from pixels to printing. He didn’t ditch digital completely. His shop, EcoPrint Services in Grand Rapids, Mich., prides itself on its quick turnaround; most projects within just a few days, or even same day, and attention to the environmental impact from their actions.

Bill Chesney at his print shop in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Now, four years into running the business, he’s given up on websites and focused on creating the quality materials for which his numerous repeat customers have come to know him.

“There are definitely days where I feel like I’m just printing, stacking, cutting, and counting and I don’t even really *see* what’s being made until the customer comes by to pick up their order and they’re just amazed,” he said. “They usually just light up and you realize that until now, this was just an idea or something on a screen, but now they can touch it and run their fingers over it and feel how heavy it is. It’s transformational.”

Bill sees plenty of folks come through the door of his shop. Newsletters for nonprofit organizations, signs for special events, business cards for entrepreneurs, and everything else you can imagine finds its way to 549 Ottawa Ave NW. But none of that phases Bill. His most common response is “We’ll get it done.” And he does. The crazy part is that he does.

Also passionate about music, Bill’s presence in the local concert scene is known and artists regularly look to Bill for album covers, promo posters, stickers, and anything else to help reach more people. A musician himself, it’s hard not to notice the working vintage jukebox in the shop filled with a combination of classic and contemporary artists. He helps coordinate festivals and concerts and still gets to the shop by 8am.


The real truth from Bill:

  1. Local. I love printing for my friends and family – and neighbors, and community, and total strangers…  
  2. Unique Challenges. It’s rewarding to have clients come back, time-after-time, and trust me to meet their needs. It might take a few tries, but we always get there.
  3. Appreciates Flexibility. It’s got to be exhausting to be so rigid all the time – loosen up a little! Your work is my work and it’s important to me, too. Maybe I’ll close down my shop early on a nice sunny day, or take a long lunch break – I’ll always make sure your order is ready for you to grab without a hassle. You can breathe easy.
  4. Print-Ready Artwork. Marry me! Printing takes time… set up takes longer. It makes my life so much easier when a client 1) brings me files that are ready to go, or 2) understands that I can’t spend hours setting up files for free. I have lots of templates available, and if I don’t have one set up to fit your specific project – I have absolutely no problem making one for you. Still, that print ready artwork though…
  5. Respects Communication. Sometimes a job isn’t a good fit for me – I’ll let you know. Heck, If I can’t help, I’ll even give you recommendations for someone else who can. Please, do not come to me with a job that you had quoted out from an online source… it’s not a fair comparison. Once you’ve had a real print shop experience, you’ll understand. If you honestly don’t get the difference, you might not be a good fit for the EcoPrint game.

*BONUS say thanks. Just a good policy in general. But thanking your printer isn’t hard.